10 Best On-Set Pranks Actors Pulled On Each Other

When actors make a movie, it usually means that they will spend quite a few months, if not longer, together. They will then probably need to travel together to promote the movie, so it helps if they can become friends with each other. And most of the time, somewhere in these actor groups – there’s a prankster.

Today we bring you Top List of best on-set pranks actors pulled on each other. Some of the material is used from ‘The Things’ site (link HERE). Enjoy!

George Clooney Arranged For Matt Damon’s Clothes To Slowly Get Smaller

George Clooney is well-known as a Hollywood prankster, so his co-stars are used to his antics. But Matt Damon could never have suspected that Clooney was pranking him during the filming of The Monuments Men. Clooney secretly arranged with the wardrobe department to slowly take in Damon’s clothes, because he knew his co-star was trying to shed a few pounds.

Photo: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images
The Things

Alan Rickman Pulled A Classic Fart Prank While Filming Harry Potter

While filming the scene in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban where all the children are sleeping in the Great Hall, Alan Rickman proved that you’re never too old for a fart joke. He hid a fart machine inside Daniel Radcliffe‘s sleeping bag then let it rip right in the middle of a dramatic developing shot. Director Alfonso Cuaron, who was also in the joke, explained: “It was very good, because there was a bunch of sleeping bags, and Dan asks us to have his sleeping bag next to this particular girl he fancied.”

Photo: ShenronAlt/Youtube
: Mirror

Harrison Ford Hid In Carrie Fisher’s Closet

Years after making Star Wars, Carrie Fisher revealed how Harrison Ford had gone to great lengths to try and scare her on the set. One time he even hid in her closet, barely clothed, and waited for her to open the door. Imagine trying to work with a joker like that!

Photo: Richard Corkery/NY Daily News Archive

Thandie Newton Put A Mashed-Up Chocolate Bar In Simon Pegg’s Trailer Toilet

While making Run Fatboy Run, Thandie Newton pulled a classic childish prank on co-star Simon Pegg. She explained: “I created a human stool out of a king-size Mars bar and placed that in his toilet bowl with a little apple juice around the edge for authenticity… It was a prank and a snack all in one.”

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Brad Pitt Gave Jonah Hill’s Golf-Cart A Bright Pink Makeover

While making Moneyball, Brad Pitt decided to prank Jonah Hill by giving his golf cart a crazy makeover. Pitt gave the cart a pink paint job, rigged it to play Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham, and wrote “I am Jonah Hill and I love Wham!” on the windscreen.

Photo: Indie Wire
: US Magazine

Nick Nolte Pranked Sean Penn By Telling Him He Needed Bail Money

While filming The Thin Red Line, Woody Harrelson arranged for Nick Nolte to phone co-star Sean Penn, requesting money to bail him out of jail. When Penn arrived at the police station he found Nolte sitting in a cell, but the next moment Harrelson appeared dressed like a crazed prison guard and raced toward him, waving a gun.

Photo: IMDb
Source: The Things

Chris Pratt Hilariously Cropped Jennifer Lawrence From All His Behind The Scenes Photos

While filming Passengers, Chris Pratt played an ongoing prank on his co-star Jennifer Lawrence. He continually cropped her out of behind the scenes and promotional Instagram photos. But Jennifer got her own when she defaced his image on the side of a bus during a Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance.

Photo: Hollywood Reporter
: Entity Mag

Taron Egerton Put A Mannequin In Channing Tatum’s Bed

While promoting Kingsman 2, Taron Egerton revealed that he totally pulled one over on Channing Tatum when he stuck a mannequin in bed with a wig on it. To complete the look, he also included some empty wine bottles on the floor, as well as a pair of high heels. Apparently, it scared the crap out of Tatum, who thought it was a real person. Unfortunately for Egerton, Tatum is not one to be deterred and has been known for a prank or two before. In this case, he had some revenge on his co-star during his last day on set. According to Egerton: ”The day he left, he filled my trailer with I think it was about 20 sex dolls and some rather disturbingly large prosthetics. It’s on camera somewhere, someone filmed it I think. He spent some money on that. He really went to town.”

Photo: PA Images
: Cinema Blend

Tom Cruise Pranked Simon Pegg By Turning His Car Seat HeaterS All The Way Up

While filming a chase scene for Mission: ImpossibleRogue Nation, Simon Pegg and Tom Cruise spent five days together shooting in a car. On day three, Pegg noticed that he was getting really hot, hotter than anyone else, and he soon worked out that Cruise had been secretly turning his car seat heater on full.

Photo: Willi Schneider/REX 
Source: Youtube

Emilia Clarke Put Fish In Sam Claflin’s Socks

Emilia Clarke has revealed the many ways in which she pranked Sam Claflin on the set of their new film Me Before You. “I put fish in his socks and a fart machine in his wheelchair,” she told Vulture. But Claflin got his revenge, with Clarke adding: “Sam stole all the furniture out of my room and left me with just my books.”

Me Before You is based on the bestselling novel by JoJo Moyes and tells the story of flash businessman William Traynor (Claflin), who is paralyzed after a road accident. Clarke plays Louisa, who is hired to nurse him with the pair falling in love in the process.

Photo: USA Today
Source: Vulture

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