‘La Casa De Papel’ Season 5 Theories

‘Money Heist’ season five is yet to be confirmed but that hasn’t stop fans of La Casa De Papel from theorizing what is in store for the robbers.

Money Heist season 5 theories: Fans think Tokyo could be the sole survivor


Tokyo (played by Úrsula Corberó) was the first character to be introduced in Money Heist season one as she watched her boyfriend get shot by police after a heist went wrong. She was then recruited by The Professor (Álvaro Morte) to take part in a heist of the Royal Mint before meeting the rest of the robbers. Tokyo has played a main role in the Netflix series with a lot of the story being told from her point of view. Now, fans think they’ve worked out this means she is the only survivor of the final heist.

So far fans have seen Moscow (Paco Tous), Berlin (Pedro Alonso), Oslo (Roberto Garcia) and Nairobi (Alba Flores) killed during the heists.

Now viewers feel it’s just a matter of time before more of the robbers are targeted leaving Tokyo alone to reflect on what went wrong.

Speculating about the ending, Reddit user itseliza24 wrote: “One kinda popular theory, is that of Tokyo being the only one alive in the end.’’

According to that theory, all characters will die one way or another, leaving Tokyo the only one able to tell the story.’’

Somebody added that Tokyo is telling the story to Nairobi’s son. I don’t know about you, but my mind is BLOWN.

Responding to the theory, another fan guessed: “I would bet Tokyo is in jail and that’s where she’s telling the story from.’’

Some of the others have to get away so there can be a season 6, 7, 8, etc.

Another replied: “I actually think they all end up dying except Tokyo but like you said she’s telling the story from jail.

Fans will remember Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) using Nairobi’s son to try and manipulate the robber in the season three finale. She paraded young Axel in front of the Bank of Spain to try and convince the robber to come out and confess.

As Nairobi watched his son from one of the windows of the bank, she was shot by a sniper. While she survived the shooting, she later died when she was shot in the head by Gandia (José Manuel Poga) in season four.

Nairobi had become close to Tokyo during the heists and the pair were like sisters. If no one survives the Bank of Spain heist other than Tokyo, could she head off to find Axel and take custody of him?

Or, another theory is that Tokyo could find herself and jail and be visited by Axel, who wants to know more about his mother.

It comes as fans have predicted Denver (Jaime Lorente), Helsinki (Darko Perić), and The Professor will be next to die when season five returns to Netflix.

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They theorized: “After Nairobi was shot by Gandia, we saw her at a beautiful garden with a flower in her mouth. A couple of seconds after that, we see Moscow, Oslo, and Berlin, starring at her with a little smile on their faces.

However, this is not the first time we see that scene. This was actually the starting scene in episode 5 of season 4 and Nairobi, Moscow, Oslo, and Berlin weren’t the only people sitting there. Denver, Helsinki, and Professor were there as well. You probably understood what the theory is; Denver, Helsinki, and Professor are the next characters to be killed.

This would certainly support the theory that Tokyo could be the last one standing – but who is she talking to?

Money Heist seasons 1-4 are available to stream on Netflix now.

Source: Express / Photo: Netflix

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