INTERVIEW with Jonathan Russell: Writer, Producer And Co-Owner Of Rubicon Films

From the first moment when we created this whole site and brand Filmologia, we knew that we will be making interviews with various peoples from the film industry one day. Today we proudly can say you that our first interview is here. We got in touch with British writer and producer Jonathan Russell and asked him a couple of questions. Below you can see what he had to tell us. His latest movie ‘Hex’ is available on Amazon Prime if someone want to watch it after this interview. Enjoy!

Jonathan Russel

Can you introduce yourself to our readers?
JR: My name is Jonathan Russell, I’m a writer, producer and co-owner of Rubicon Films, which I run with my production partner George Popov. I’m 26, a graduate of the University of Gloucestershire and I’m based in the wonderful Lake District UK.

How did you start producing movies? What was your reason to enter in the film industry?
JR: Since I can remember I’ve always loved films and told stories. My first word was apparently “Batman”. At a young age I would tell stories by drawing, monsters and superheroes in a shot by shot fashion. This soon developed to stop start animation, once I had found my father’s video camera. Action Men were my actors. In High School and throughout University the films became live action, with short films and music videos. So moving to feature films was inevitable for me.

George Popov and you together wrote and directed the movie ‘Hex’. Can you tell us why we should watch that movie by describing the plot in a few sentences?
JR: Our film ‘HEX‘ is a period set supernatural horror thriller. It takes place during The English Civil War mid 1600’s and follows two enemy soldiers who, after a violent confrontation, find themselves trapped in a forest controlled by a witch. The two must form an uneasy truce to survive. It’s a slow burn brooding horror in the vein of ‘The Witch’, going for the a chilling and creeping sense of dread over jump scares. ‘HEX‘ is available on Amazon Prime! (below you can see some photos from the movie which Jonathan send us)

Can we expect a new movie from you in 2020?
Our new feature film ‘The Droving‘ is coming out this year. It’s a folk thriller set around the Lake District in the UK. It follows a soldier returning from the military to discover the truth about his sister’s disappearance, who went missing around the time of a mysterious local festival. It’s a big step up from ‘Hex’ in a lot of ways, so we’re excited to show what else we have in-store. 

Hex Official Trailer

Do you have a favorite movie and favorite series?
My favorite movie, Korean action movie ‘The Man From Nowhere‘, beautifully violent and emotional, brings me to tears every time. Favorite series, the first series of ‘True Detective‘. For a show about the absence of God in a cruel and unforgiving universe, this show manages to leave me hopeful of the existence of a higher power.

What is your opinion about non-British and non-American movies? Are you watching them? And what are your favorites in this category?
I watch a great deal of non-English language films, subtitles don’t bother me and it really doesn’t take a lot of effort to read and watch. I’m watching a French Netflix Series currently called ‘Marianne‘ which is great and I love Korean films. There’s some fantastic work from all around the world and I just heard ‘Parasite‘ won the best film at the Oscars, which is fantastic news.

The Baftas have been criticized for a lack of representation after no non-white actors were nominated, and no women were nominated in the best director category for the seventh year in a row. What are your thoughts about that?
JR: In terms of lack of diversity at the Baftas, yes it’s true and more attention should be given to a wider range of material featuring people from all nationalities and races. That said, the quality of the films at this year’s awards ceremony has been very high. To a point whereby it’s hard to remember quite such a good list of nominees in recent memory.

The 92nd Academy Awards ceremony, which honored the best films of 2019, was held on 9th February. Tell us which nominated movies you watched and did you like them or not.
JR: I haven’t seen all the films nominated this year, however the ones I have I’ve loved. ‘Marriage Story‘ was so well observed and ‘Two Popes‘ surprised me very much, very moving.  

What you have to say to our readers for the end of this interview?
Thanks for reading the interview, I really appreciate you taking the time. I’ll say please keep supporting indie filmmaking, the tide is turning for independent cinema but you have to give the smaller films a chance, trust me you’ll be surprised by the work out there.

Jonathan Russell

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