Do You Know Story Behind The Iconic Columbia Pictures Logo?

Columbia’s current and quite iconic logo was created in 1992 when Scott Mednick was hired by Peter Guber to create logos for all the entertainment properties then owned by Sony Pictures.

Mednick hired New Orleans artist Michael Deas to digitally repaint the logo and return the woman posing with a torch to her “classic” look. Michael Deas hired Jenny Joseph, a graphics artist for The Times-Picayune as the model for the updated logo.

Due to time constraints, she agreed to help out on her lunch break. The animation was created using 2D elements from the painting and converted it to 3D. Later, in 2012, Jenny Joseph gave an interview to television station WWL-TV about her experience, stating, “So we just scooted over there come lunchtime and they wrapped a sheet around me and I held a regular little desk lamp, a side lamp,” she said, “and I just held that up and we did that with a light bulb.”

Deas also remarked, “I never thought it would make it to the silver screen and I never thought it would still be up 20 years later, and I certainly never thought it would be in a museum, so it’s kind of gratifying.”

Source: Metaflix
Photo: Columbia Pictures

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