10 Pandemic Movies You Can Watch These Days

The coronavirus poses a looming threat to many of us. The possible pandemic of COVID-19 is affecting just about everyone’s lives in one way or another. So, if the stress of going outside is getting to be too much, or you are perhaps medically mandated not to leave your home for 14 days, Filmologia brings you a list of our suggestions which pandemic movies you should watch (if you didn’t). So this means this isn’t a top list of 10 best pandemic movies of all time, this is our list of 10 pandemic movies we watched and we liked. Below you can find Hollywood movies but also movies from Spain, India, Japan, South Korea and Australia.

Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion is best known for the terrifying death of Gwyneth Paltrow very early on in the movie, which makes us all realize that the fictional disease spreading across Earth is super serious. The movie is front-loaded with dread before turning into a chilling sociological study of what everyday people would do during a pretty realistic seeming pandemic. You can watch the trailer if you click HERE.

You could watch any old zombie outbreak movie during your contagion binge, but there was a small wave of movies during the mid-2010s that focused on the ennui of the end of the world more than the panicky horror of the outbreaks themselves. Cargo is one of them, and it stars Martin Freeman as a man in the Australian outback who ends up caring for a child that he must guide to survival. It’s for your sad dad feelings. You can watch the trailer if you click HERE.

Children Of Men
A mysterious illness prompted every woman in the world to miscarry in the early 2000s, and for nearly 20 years since that event – which happened around the same time as a highly deadly flu pandemic – no new children have been born. The world has descended into chaos, but if there’s a hope for humanity, it might come in the form of a depressed Clive Owen, his activist ex-wife, Julianne Moore, and a young refugee woman. You can watch the trailer if you click HERE.

The Girl With All The Gifts
While the world is still largely overrun with zombies, called hungries, who were turned by a fungal infection, limited pockets of humanity still exist, and on a military base in England, scientists are studying children born of infected mothers — human-hungry hybrids that may contain the key to unlocking a cure in their blood. When the base is overrun, though, a group of survivors is flung out into the landscape and their survival will dictate who inherits the Earth.  You can watch the trailer if you click HERE.

The movie that turned a micro-generation into hypochondriacs, Outbreak is about a fictional California town that is entirely quarantined when it becomes ground zero for an Ebola-like outbreak in the U.S. The story centers on the CDC and military medical researchers charged with containing and treating the infected, and it has people bleeding out of orifices and that one extremely scary movie theater scene that made almost everyone currently between about 30 and 35 think they were going to catch a catastrophic illness in a movie theater. You can watch the trailer if you click HERE.

Los últimos días (The Last Days)
Here’s another novel contagion take: An affliction called The Panic has swept across humanity, causing people to become so severely agoraphobic that they actually die if they are forced outside. Our hero, Marc, has been trapped in an office building, but sets out to find his girlfriend, and has to do so without ever actually setting foot beyond shelter. You can watch the trailer if you click HERE.

This Spanish horror films about an apartment building that becomes an incubator for a viral infection that turns people into erratic homicidal monsters is one of the tensest contagion movies ever put on screen. Much of the film is shot in night vision, helping you to feel even more immersed in the horrors leaping from the shadows. The American remake Quarantine is, surprisingly, also extremely good.  You can watch the trailer if you click HERE. (REC I trailer)

Gamgi (The Flu)
In this South Korean film, a severely deadly strain of the virus H5N1 starts tearing through the city of Bundang, killing those who contract it within 36 hours. The population of nearly 1 million is suddenly in danger of being wiped out en masse. You can watch the trailer if you click HERE.

This Indian film is based on the true events surrounding the 2018 Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala and the local community’s mobilization effort to stop the spread. You can watch the trailer if you click HERE.

Kansen (Infection)
When a doctor’s mistake leads to dire consequences for a patient, a strange illness starts afflicting the medical staff who helped cover it up. This Japanese movie is a little bit more outlandish with its deaths, with the infected liquifying into a green goop, but it’s important to have a global perspective on outbreaks. You can watch the trailer if you click HERE.

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